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da The Canadian Teachers: materiali gratuiti per gli Insegnanti Canadesi e non

These generators guide you through the process of creating a variety of assessment and evaluation tools. You could use them as; criteria checklistsdiscussion checklists3 point – 4 point -5 point rating scalematrix rubricweighted matrix rubric, and matrix rubric with points.

This great tool helps you to arrange your classroom seating plan. Create desks, label them with student names, and move it around. Great to print out and save for a substitute teacher. (Requires Macromedia Flash Player)

Search over 5,000 free lesson plans from across the internet in one convenient place. 
Create fun activities to use in your classroom – Bingo, Word SearchWord Scramble,Sentence ScrambleCrossword and Maze Generators.

These generators help you to create student, teacher, and school timetables,bookmarksshort and long passes, and a classroom rules mini-poster. Create any type of pass you want – hall passes, office passes, homework passes and more.

These generators help to save you time during the year. Need to create a fieldtrip permission letter, a letter home about homework, a letter about a problem at school, or a welcome back to school letter, then these are the generators for you.

Create a customized checklist, grading sheet, comment sheet, name tags, wall chart, and desk signs. You can enter all your class data once and then create many different types of lists with the same data. You can also customize the organization method.

Use these generators to prepare for a substitute teacher. Create a classroom inventoryto indicate where you keep your resources or use the substitute plan generator to create your plan.

These tools are sure to save Ontario teachers time by connecting to Ontario curriculum expectations. Use the Long Range Plans wizard to create a plan in minutes, create rubrics with curriculum expectations, or use the expectation tool to generate lists of expectations that you choose.

Generate and print math sheets that are defined by you. Magic Squares, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Greater/Less Than, as well as mixed problems. Also find ready to use worksheets and flashcards.

This is a great tool for creating and using a classroom calendar. Publish events for parents, homework, include images and even create printable calendars. Enter 00000 for ZIP CODE