11 Giochi grammaticali per imparare l'Inglese

Anche se le competenze grammaticali sono un passo fondamentale nella comprensione, scrittura e lettura della lingua inglese, la grammatica non è sempre un campo particolarmente divertente da studiare. Di fronte a lunghi elenchi di regole ed eccezioni delle regole grammaticali da imparare a memoria, non c'è da meravigliarsi che molti di noi gettano la spugna sulla padronanza tecnica inglese presto a scuola.

E per quelli di noi che hanno rinunciato ai punti più delicati della grammatica a scuola, c'è un’ ultima speranza. Giochi di grammatica online sono un modo nuovo e indolore per aggiornare le nostre abilità grammaticali. Scopri i giochi di grammatica sorprendentemente coinvolgenti di seguito elencati. In breve tempo saremo esperti di grammatica!

1. Grammar Ninja will help anyone drill down the parts of speech. As a beginner ninja in this game you will be asked to define nouns and verbs in a series of sentences. As your expertise grows you can graduate to become a skilled ninja, and eventually a master ninja where you will identify all parts, including adjectives, adverbs, articles and pronouns on a timed test that tracks your errors and awards points.

2. Preposition Desert is an easy way to sharpen your preposition concepts while helping baby kangaroos make it home before the desert rain begins. Players answer questions like this:
  • Is the underlined word a preposition or an object of a preposition?
  • I read about kangaroos in an encyclopedia.
Clicking the preposition button would earn you a correct answer, and the baby kangaroo one step closer to safety.

3. Players who feed the Verb Viper the correct subject/verb answers will sharpen their grammar rules quickly in this face-paced game. You’ll be tested on correct verb tenses, forms and agreement at different levels and speeds. Track your improvement after each level with your accuracy, speed and rate score summaries.

4. In Short Circuit try to fix a short circuit by linking the prefixes and suffixes to their correct meanings. Matching -arian with “one who” will earn you a fix while -ize and “study of” is the wrong answer (and a short circuit).

5. Trapped tests punctuation rules through a fill-in-the-blank story, and an apple-throwing contest. Players properly place different punctuation throughout the story to help free the children locked in the tower.

6. Correct comma placement in this Rags to Riches game will earn you an increasingly higher lump of fake money as the questions get harder and your skills get more adept. A wrong answer will send you back to $0, but you can also utilize one of your three hints if you get stuck.

7. Rooting out Words challenges readers to match the correct prefixes with the root of the word. After you master the easy level challenge yourself at the super brain status.

8. Master the basics of sentence structure with this Diagramming Sentences game. The game will begin with identifying the proper subject and verb in a sentence and additional sentence parts will be added as the game progresses. By the end, you will be tasked with diagramming a variety of sentences.

9. The BBC has an excellent list of adult grammar games. Help the elderly grandmother, Ms. Anderson get her hair done at the salon in the “Blown Away” through selecting the proper punctuation for a list of sentences.

Another suggestion sent in:
10. FreeRice – For each answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice through the world food programme to help end hunger.

11.  ChompChomp.com - Lots of grammar games!

 fonte: onlineclassroom